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Posted on May 14, 2012 in Case Studies

What kind of company uses its own website project as a case study? An honest one.

While we’ve been preaching the benefits of WordPress to our clients these last few years, we have completely neglected our own website and have failed to update it since late 2006. Believe us, we understand how sometimes even the most basic things fall through the cracks — but there’s really no good reason not to update your site to WordPress and reap the rewards of this great platform.

Our original site went live in 2004, and it was clean, compact, direct, and to the point. We loved it, and we especially loved the animated birds flying around the lighthouse. Animated birds, however, do not make up for the limitations of Flash! It’s invisible to search engines, doesn’t work on most mobile devices (especially iPhones and iPads), and usually requires a web developer to update.

WordPress, on the other hand, is optimized for search engines (also known as SEO). It’s so good that WordPress sites often rise to the top of search results without any extra effort on the part of the content creator. It’s also a simple and effective content management system (CMS) that allows novices to quickly add content and update pages without any coding. Generally speaking, it’s just wonderful — cheap, easy to customize, easy to set up, and geared toward moving your site up in those all-important search rankings.

So we finally did it! In just a few days, we created the content for the new site and pulled the trigger.

Point Blue's old website
Point Blue’s old website.

Point Blue's new WordPress site.
Point Blue’s new WordPress site.