Posted on Jun 25, 2012 in Case Studies

In 2005, Point Blue Communications built CATT LLC’s website. It was one of our first jobs, and we designed a beautiful Flash-based site that used many of Macromedia’s newest technological breakthroughs. We helped CATT develop its new logo, chose complementary colors for the site, and organized it in a way that allowed visitors to quickly navigate to the right section.

But 7 years is an eternity in the web world, and the limitations that are inherent in Flash meant that CATT’s presence on the web just wasn’t living up to its potential. CATT’s owner, however, didn’t want to spent a lot of money on a fancy new site — he wanted a bare-bones setup that could be edited and built out by his own marketing manager.

CATT's Flash-based website, circa 2005.
CATT’s Flash-based website, circa 2005.

Point Blue Communications delivered a fully-installed WordPress site in a matter of hours: a clean, compelling template developed by one of the best WordPress template firms, a couple of new domains pointing to the company’s existing hosting site, a few user accounts prepped for CATT’s employees, and detailed instructions + support to get CATT’s people trained properly.

Here’s the end result, as built by CATT’s own people:

CATT's new WordPress website
CATT’s new WordPress website.

Now CATT’s site is easily found by search engines, and WordPress’s fantastic SEO capabilities are already working wonders. We integrated Google Analytics code as well, so CATT’s marketing manager will be able to see who visits the site and which sections are most popular. Better still, she’ll be able to make changes how she wants, when she wants.